van den Berg IP is proud to present our team members:

Frans van den Berg

Frans holds a doctorate in Chemistry (heterogeneous catalysis) and has worked in the patent field since 2000. He has vast experience as an inhouse patent attorney in various technological areas including the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and chemical industry. He is European, Dutch and Swiss patent attorney. Since 2008 Frans has been working in life science. In 2014 he founded van den Berg IP GmbH and is the managing director. Frans can support in all patent matters in the field of coatings, polymer chemistry, agrochemistry, seed care and seed technology, small molecules and biologicals and biotechnology.

Mike Dammann

mike dammann

With 30 years of in-house experience in the fields of trademarks, designs and domain names Mike completes the service offer from van den Berg IP.

After his Law studies Mike gained his first experience in the sporting goods industry (at Adidas), before he moved to Basel in 1990, where he has since been working for companies in the areas of crop protection products, seeds and ophthalmology (at Sandoz, Novartis and Syngenta).

Mikes main expertise lies in the fields of providing opinions on trademark searches, trademark filing and prosecution strategies, and trademark lifecycle management.

Henk van den Brink

Henk has over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  Starting in research he has developed new compounds using micro-organism and enzyme technology. Henk  was further  involved in cell culture processes in particular for the production and isolation of influenza vaccines.  Following his research endeavours Henk moved to bioinformatics where he used various gene expression tools to screen and find new targets. Subsequently, Henk used his bio-informatics knowledge to become a information specialist in the patent department with a special focus on biotechnology and in particular on sequence searching.

Upon moving to Switzerland, Henk took on patent search activities in the field of generic drugs.

Annette Ritzmann

Annette has extensive experience in IP administration and support. She gained her experience in the Trademark department of Syngenta, and has worked together with Mike Dammann for many years.

Annette worked on trademark searches, trademark filing and prosecution and trademark renewal. Within van den Berg IP Annette will be responsible for all formalities and administrative support matters.

Aalt van de Kuilen

Aalt van de Kuilen started in 1980 as Organic Chemist at Solvay Pharmaceuticals and worked for 13 years in Pharmaceutical research.

In 1993 he moved over to the Patent Department and become a professional patent information specialist with special focus on Life Science, in particular small molecules, pharmaceutical formulations and medical devices.

Aalt is also a trainer at the Basic Patent Information Course, organized by GO Opleidingen and WON.

At many conferences he gave presentations on a variety of topics.

With over 20 years of experience he is able to perform a broad range of patent searches on high level.

Aalt has been working with van den Berg IP since 2014 and been conducting searches in all fields of life science and chemistry. Especially structure searches, opposition- and FTO-searches belong to his expertise.