Trademarks and Designs


Before you start using the name, the brand, the logo or design for designating your particular product or service, it is advisable and may be necessary to conduct searches for identical or similar trademarks, in order to prevent conflicts with prior existing trademarks or other rights. Following a search, we can subsequently assess the relevance of the prior trademark rights found and provide you with an opinion on the overall registrability of your trademark.


The registration of trademarks or designs should always be preceeded by defining a strategy that is tailor-made to the needs and requirements of the client. The strategy defines the country scope of protection, the most cost effective registration methods, as well as the requirements for monitoring and enforcing your trademark or design rights.


We can file trademark or design applications in Switzerland and abroad, if necessary with the assistance of associate law firms all around the world. Subsequent to the trademark or design application, we take care for the whole prosecution process, by replying to Official objections and/or negotiating and drafting agreements to overcome potential oppositions by 3rd parties.


The monitoring of our clients’ trademark rights through competent service providers, will enable us to advise on filing oppositions against identical and/or similar trademarks.


We take care for the timely renewal of our clients’ trademark or design rights in Switzerland and abroad.


You may be faced with general questions concerning intellectual property, for example in contracts or whether a third party trademark is relevant for your activities or products. We can support you in answering such questions. We can also provide advice on trademark lifecycle management or on more general strategic issues.