Patent search

Freedom-to-operate (FTO)

Before you bring your product to market it is essential to assess the existence of third party patents that might cover your product or intended use. We can perform the search supporting such an FTO assessment.


When a third party patent stands in the way of marketing your current or your future product, you may want to assess the validity of such patent. The basis for such an assessment is a validity search.


To provide an overview of patent families relevant for a specific product or technology.


To assess whether an idea is an invention (and patentable), a patentability search should be conducted.

Patent legal status

When a patent right is potentially relevant, we can monitor the legal status of this patent right so that you can react in time when so needed.

Patent publication overview in specific field

This service enables you to follow any new developments in your field of technology. The provision of this service can be at your desired frequency.

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